One of the biggest challenge in AI adoption comes in the form of data preparation. So the more help you get with your data, the better. Here in AIEX we aim to deliver all the tools necessary to help you with your data needs and it starts with our extensive Data Import options.

Video Support

Learn CV models using frames from videos as well as images.

Google Image Engine

Import auxiliary data to expand your data using Google Image Engine

Dataset/Batch Upload

We support most of the major dataset types, no matter the size.

Hassle free data management

Wether annotated or not, regardless of the number of pictures or their size, the last thing you need to worry about is the dataset management. Your data will be accessible from anywhere in the world, you can easily add data from multiple sources in multiple formats and leave the rest to us. Even if you don;t have data, we will lend you a hand with the power of google Image Enging to add much more data to your dataset with a few clicks. We will handle all your needs.

Take advantage of edge-optimized model architectures that offer advanced predictive capabilities without taking up a ton of on-device memory.

Use at the edge

Use AI and machine learning at the edgeUse AI and machine learning at the edge

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Google Image Engine

Given that at times deep learning models require large numbers of images for their training process and the fact that we might not have enough of these images at our disposal, Using Google Image Engine helps us find thousands of relative images and import them into our project with a single click. You don’t need to go through the lengthy process of finding Images online, downloading them, renaming them and uploading them, you can just type in whtever it is that you’re looking for and select the data you prefer from the results and we will take care of the rest.

Video Support

Many times, our data comes in the form of videos. For example we need to train a model to recognize the different cars crossing a highway. While we might have access to the images of those cars, given that the trained model needs to predict the cars from the feed of the traffic cameras, it would be much better to include images from the actual fed of the camera. We know it’s painful to screengrab images from a camera, so all you need to do is upload your video and we will do the rest and turn your video into multiple frames.

Dataset/Batch Upload

If you’re familiar with training Deep Learning models, youre well aware that each platform might have some advantages/disadvantages against the competition. For example you might prefer a specific platform’s annotation abilities to the other, or you might want to gather data from different datasets in different platforms. Converting, combining and uploading the aggregated data in such cases is ususally a headache and that’s why we support most of the major dataset formats and batches for upload. Just add your files to a folder and upload the folder. We’ll handle the rest.