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Behind every progress made in human history, is a story of people working tirelessly together to make that progress happen. Here’s our version. How we worked together for almost 3 years to create our platform from ground up and turn an idea into a product you can use.


We have taken three main steps to reach where we are.


Thorough reseach of industry

4th industrial revolution is still in its infancy and designing a deep learning platform is no easy task


Networking and team building

Great ideas amount to nothing if not backed by a technical team to turn ideas into products.


Product delivery and support

We have Implemented and created a fully functional platform based on the requirements.

Farhad Mofidi Naeni
Co-founder and COO
Ms.C in Computer Sciences, with more than 10 years of experience as PM/PO in IT/ICT projects and solid background in managing, founding and team building in start-up eco-system.
Alireza Mofidi Naeini
Founder & CEO
Ph.D in Manaement with More than 8 years of experience in deep learning and machine learning as one of the high level managers of one of the leading computer vision firms of British Columbia, Canada and a robust background in Start-up eco-system.


Minimize human labor, so we can focus more on living.

Industrial revolution increased well-being and general welth exponentially since the late 18th century. The more work offloaded to unmanned systems, the easier and better our lives get. So far we had 3 industrial revolutions, each reducing reliance on human labor and utilizing unmanned systems more than before, we believe the last major uncharted teritory in unmanned systems is the intelligence sub-systems and that’s the defining point of 4th industrial revolution. We’re excited to be a part of the 4th industrial and to help everyone have a better life.


Create a more AI-focused labor force in 10 years.

We believe that rapid advancements both in hardware and software combined with unprecedented gains from AI driven workflows help the transition into the 4th industrial revolution to be a very smooth and quick one. Our vision is twofolds: first to help the push towards the AI driven future we envision and second, to become one of the top market leaders in AI industries by 2032 when the transition to AI future is mature enough. Our goal is to expand upon the computer vision AI brains and cover a vast area of AI applications.


Scientific study, innovation and cost reduction

We firmly believe that greatness cannot be achieved without incorporating it into our culture. Data-driven, scientifically accurate information is the foundation for any futuristic, high-end project and we consider ourselves an early adopter in the 4th industrial revolution. As such, we value robust, scientifically-driven studies as a core aspect of our culture.


Our enjoyable and exciting life at work